Comply With IRS and State Requirements

We can keep your Company's books up-to-date during the year to ensure that you remain in compliance with Federal and State Filing and Payment requirements. We can also represent you and/or your business before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) if you have tax issues.

We will work with you to timely file required Federal and State returns and to timely pay your employment tax liabilities and estimated income tax payments.
In 20+ years helping clients resolve IRS issues, I have observed that most issues arise because of faulty bookkeeping, or a taxpayer opted to wait until the end of the year to learn what the tax liability would be. In many cases, taxpayers cannot pay tax liabilities in full when they do not pay estimated tax payments during the current year…especially after IRS adds on penalties and interest.
Tax Planning -- No unpleasant surprises at the end of the year, because the books will be up-to-date during the year, and we will remind you to pay estimated income tax payments and employment tax during the current year. Not paying Estimated Tax is one of the main reasons self-employed taxpayers have IRS issues.  We update your company’s books monthly from records you provide - including bank statements, credit card statements, source documents (receipts), etc.

Optional Services –

  • Prepare W-2s and electronically file with the Social Security Administration
  • Prepare and electronically file Forms 1099
  • Prepare and electronically file quarterly and annual employment tax returns (941s & 940s)
  • Prepare and electronically file Individual, Partnership and Corporate tax returns
  • Prepare past-year Income and Employment Tax Returns
  • Prepare past-year 941s, 940s,1099s, W-3s and W2s
  • Can help you obtain a Fed Tax ID / Employer Identification Number from IRS
  • Represent you before the IRS Examination, Collections and Appeals Divisions
State Taxation:

  • Electronically file quarterly State Unemployment returns and Annual Franchise Tax Returns
  • Electronically file Sales and Use Tax Returns
  • Any other reports required by State tax authorities

For startups, fees can start as low as $250 monthly.  For more-established businesses, fees begin as low as $500 monthly. We also offer the option of a fixed monthly fee that includes monthly accounting, preparation of all relevant government reports including quarterly federal and state employment tax returns, end-of-year income tax returns, Forms W-2 for employees and for the Social Security Administration, Forms 1099-MISC for subcontractors (assuming your Company uses contract workers) and for IRS plus any other reports that your Company needs. If you are interested in this all-inclusive plan, call us for more information.

Contact us by phone, email or fax if you need our help.

We hope to hear from you, but if you already have someone assisting you, then best regards and best wishes. Call if you need us in the future.  
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